Introducing Autodoc: Automated Code Documentation.

by Thomas Zheng, 2017

If you’re new to agile software development, join more than 3800 Python programmers flying high with Autodoc as their copilot!

Documentation is tedious, and because it doesn’t directly affect the functional quality of software, most people who write software don’t write good documents.  But for anyone who wants to develop high-quality software that can be used by a large community (i.e. Github), detailed documentation is crucial!  

Indeed, Autodoc is unique in software development precisely because software developers are often reluctant, or generally unenthusiastic about, documenting code.

We created Autodoc to bridge the gap between writing good software and writing good documentation. Indeed, for the automation conscious, Autodoc boosts productivity and makes the documentation process completely painless by:

  • Automatically documenting source code
  • Conforming to documentation standards
  • Understanding what software is doing
  • Continuously self-improving

Created by developers, for developers, Autodoc automatically documents each function in Python, Java, and JavaScript, creating pull requests for merging changes (as if two programmers are working in tandem).  And because Autodoc analyzes programs one function at a time, and generates a summary for each, you can instantly create a README document for an entire software repository!

Autodoc basically acts as a virtual assistant, or co-pilot, automating the detailed, yet mundane, tasks associated with code documentation, so you can focus on coding.Plus, Autodoc actually understands software, and because it errs on the side of caution, it’s extremely reliable. With Autodoc, you can count on documentation efficiency, accuracy and coverage.


About Luddite Labs

At Luddite Labs, we focus on creating AI-centric tools for programmers. Our programming philosophy is code less, reuse more. Autodoc is our first solution for newer programmers, but because it’s self-improving, it’s also relevant and useful for experienced agile developers. The platform solution requires only that you sign in on GitHub or Bitbucket. Also available as a Pycharm plugin, Autodoc fully integrates into your development environment, making it even easier to use.

Another tool called CodeSearch is currently in the pipeline, which will let you easily find your own or others’ recipes. Also in development: a new algorithm that can recognize useful software patterns.

We believe our technology will fundamentally change the way software is created. Join us today and let us know if you agree!